Saturday, May 10, 2008


Last month, I wrote a post titled Satisfaction Guaranteed where I described a policy that's been used by David Maister and adopted at Valorem Law Group. Make sense?

Now today I read Michelle Golden's post Creative and Edgy Attracts only to find another reference to Valorem Law Group. I didn't think I could like anything better than satisfaction guaranteed until I read the firm's disclaimer. It's not what you might expect from a Chicago law firm. Let me just say I laughed out loud at #4 which begins by stating: "We are normal people, which means we don't do tax law."

The disclaimer is an important reminder. Great client service is all about relationships, and relationships are very much about personalities. The people at Valorem Law Group not only show they have personality, but they showcase it in everything they do - even the disclaimer.

I'll tell you this, if I ever need an attorney for anything but tax law, I'm calling Valorem Law Group.

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