Saturday, May 3, 2008 Meets The Client Relationship Autopsy

The great people at were kind enough to ask me to submit some byline articles for their site. They asked for topics that had a bit of an edge and would be provocative for their readership. They posted my first submission last week titled, The Client Relationship Autopsy. Given that this blog's title includes the initials CSI, it seemed only fitting.

The article expands on a post I wrote during Season 1 and is based on the simple premise that learning from the failed relationships of the past will provide us guidance to seek and build better ones in the future. Client acquisition costs are enormous, yet when agencies lose clients (and we all do), most don't take the time investigate the loss. It's a missed opportunity.

I would encourage agency leaders to review the client relationship autopsy procedure outlined in the article, adapt it to their agencies as they see fit, and implement the practice as soon as possible. Over time, you'll find the results will be invaluable.

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