Thursday, April 24, 2008

Guaranteed Satisfaction

On April 15th interestingly enough, David Maister acknowledged Valorem Law Group for offering a practice David's been using for more than a decade - satisfaction guaranteed. Simply stated, if you're not completely satisfied with the services provided, then when you receive the invoice you're invited to pay what you believe the services were worth.

I encourage you to read the post and the comments. As part of the conversation, I noted that what I like best about it isn't just the guarantee to clients, but the manner in which the model helps a consultant take a measure of those clients. It inherently makes the consultant more mindful of whom he/she chooses to work with. One can see that trust is the necessary centerpiece of the relationship from the start. If it's not, then neither party moves forward.

I found the timing of the post interesting only because it's difficult not to contemplate what it would be like if the federal government offered the same guarantee - that when we filed our taxes, we could just pay for what we believed our government was worth for the year.

With just a simple amendment to Article 2, Section 1 of The U.S. Constitution, we could elect David Maister our President. I'd take satisfaction guaranteed over change or solutions any day!

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