Monday, May 26, 2008

How Far Will You Go?

Well, CSI/Season 2 went to Australia (online) to discover the secrets of client service excellence. The NSW Department of State and Regional Development says it means business and is showing it by distributing a Client Service Guide.

Here are just a few of the success factors the department shares with its readers:

Provide a complete experience: Step back and make sure that all your customer needs are met from the beginning to the end of the sales process. Make the customer feel valued, even after the sales process is complete, e.g. by offering after-sales help such as installation.

Reliable service: Deliver your products and services on time and as requested.

Accountability: Take full responsibility for providing high-quality products and services. Make sure you honour guarantees/warranties on your products.

Efficiency: Deliver your product/service with minimum hassle for your customers.

Assurance: Create customer confidence in you through your professional approach and demonstrated knowledge of your product/service. Customers must be able to trust your word so always act on your promises.

Attention to detail: Attend to even the smaller details. Show you care and that you are prepared to provide individual attention to every customer.

Appearance: Make sure your image and appearance reinforce customer confidence in your services.

Keep in touch: Keep customers regularly informed on progress and developments - but make sure this is welcomed by the customer.

Recovery strategies: Put processes in place to allow you to recognise problems when they arise and take action to fix them.

Value adding: Explore how you can offer that little bit extra, such as supplying complimentary products or services after the initial sale, or providing valuable follow-up information.

Be sure to pick up the complete guide. It's worth a read!

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