Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quality Versus Quantity

Nearly two weeks ago, David Maister posted on the topic Pricing Consulting Services, and as part of his post he shared this: "When it comes to premium-price firms and what sets them apart, it is not their size, the amount of repeat business they are able to get, or the region of the country in which they are located.  As a matter of fact, none of these had an effect on the firm's ability to charge premium fees.  The factors that matter most to premium price firms are how valuable their work will be to the client upon completion, and whether or not the firm can deliver superior results over other providers - 36% find this "extremely important."

When considering how to price a project, you should consider not only the number of hours it may take to complete the assignment, but also how to pack those hours with true client value. Premium price firms charge clients based on the quality of the hours, not just the quantity.

As always David, thank you for your insights.   

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