Monday, May 19, 2008

Pitching And Catching

As you all know, the PR biz has been catching quite a bit of flak lately for the way at least some PR pros are pitching media and bloggers. The point is well taken. PR professionals are not only stewards of their own brands, but of their client reputations as well. They should act accordingly.

That said, note to journalists and bloggers: "Despite our best efforts, you will likely continue to receive pitches that may not be relevant to your particular journalistic sensibilities. It's part of the business and the small price you pay for the many great stories you receive on a silver platter each and every day. Blacklisting and public chastising individuals is equally bad behavior. You're stewards of your own brands also don't forget."

Todd Defren has been weighing in on this issue and has a recent post titled: The PR Professionals Credo: 7 Promises which is worth a read. We can all do better.

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