Thursday, May 1, 2008

Client Service Blogs For You!

In January 2007, JD Hull posted a list of links to blogs dedicated exclusively or in large part to the topic of client service. (JD was kind enough to add CSI to the list at the time as well). I posted it a month later during Season 1, and I recently checked on each of these blogs. With rare exception they are all quite active. As I mentioned over a year ago, for those of us who are passionate about client service, it's invaluable to get a broad perspective. These should keep you busy for awhile!

I plan to add these links to my sidebar under the special heading of Client Service Blogs. If you would like me to add others to the list, please let me know.

More Partner Income, Tom Collins

In Search of Perfect Client Service, Patrick J. Lamb

Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips Blog

The Adventure of Strategy, Rob Millard

Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices, Gerry Riskin

CBA Practice Link (Canada)

Church of the Customer Blog, Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba

CustomersAreAlways, Maria Palma

David Jacobson’s External Insights, David Jacobson Blog, Malcolm Gladwell

Golden Practices, Michelle Golden

The Greatest American Lawyer

Gruntled Employees, Jay Shepherd

How to Make it Rain, Rjon Robins

Howling Point, Chuck Hartley and Pongo

Human Law, Justin Patten

Infamy or Praise, Colin Samuels, Nathan Burke

Leadership for Lawyers, Mark Beese

Legal Business Development, James Hassett

Legal Ease Blog, Allison Shields

Legal Marketing Blog, Tom Kane

Legal Sanity, Arnie Herz

How To Change The World, Guy Kawasaki

Management Craft, Lisa Haneberg

May It Please The Court, J. Craig Williams

Minor Wisdom, Raymond Ward

My Shingle, Carolyn Elefant and Mark Sindler

the [non]billable hour, Matt Homann

Passion, People and Principles, David Maister

LawMarketing Blog, Larry Bodine

Rainmaker Best Practices, Patrick McEvoy

Real Lawyers Have Blogs, Kevin O'Keefe

Rob Hyndman


  1. Many thanks, Leo, for the mention--and yes those are good CS blogs.

  2. Great list, Leo! Definite "Power" potential.

  3. Hi Leo,

    Thanks for the link! I believe most people who blog about customer service are very passionate about it. For me, I take great pleasure in helping people become successful...

  4. Great list, Leo! Definite "Power" potential. sports picks

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