Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Introducing The PowerPoint Patch

Before unveiling the Stamp Out Bad PowerPoint Toolkit, I thought it would be timely to introduce CSI's new invention to combat the most severe cases of PowerPoint addiction - The PPT Patch. Employing similar technology as the well known Nicotine Patch, The PPT Patch can be affixed anywhere on the body, but its effectiveness is directly proportional to how publicly it's displayed. Therefore, for maximum impact, which means you can be completely weaned off your PPT addiction in 21 days, we recommend taping the patch to your forehead! Try to hide the patch in any way, and your recovery may take months.

The PPT Patch is reserved for those people who can't help themselves but rely on Powerpoint for every type of communication. You know who you are. For those of you with sensitive skin, PPT Gum will hit the market soon; although I have to tell you, it doesn't taste very good! Still working on that.


  1. Thanks, Leo - I needed that laugh! You know, just before checking out your blog today, I was wondering whether I should do a PPT for a client meeting next week. Now, I think not. We'll work off a nice Word document instead.

  2. Ha! PowerPoint isn't bad, it's just misused and overused. The Patch is just one tool to help those who can't help themselves. The rest tomorrow. Thanks!

  3. I've attended a few presentations lately with little or no ppt presentation. It was very refreshing. There's no rule(that I'm aware of)that says you have to use ptt for a pres to more than three people.
    Seriously though, thanks for the laugh.

  4. Love the Patch, Leo. I'll share it with my Public Speaking students tomorrow in class. We are not in a Smart classroom, so they don't have the option there of using PPT. We do discuss how it CAN add to a speech, and spend even more time discussing how it can detract from it.



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