Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Guest Blogger Week at ToddAnd

Well, starting tomorrow it's Guest Blogger Week at ToddAnd - one of my favorite marketing blogs. And...since I've been invited to be among the guests, I'm really looking forward to it. I plan to share a wonderfully entertaining, very creative video. When you see it, you'll probably say to yourself, "I've thought of doing that." The only difference between you and the person who produced this creative spot is that he did it, and you or I didn't.

The video is tailor-made for the ToddAnd audience, but touches on a recurring theme here at CSI/Season 2. Whether it's client service, creativity etc., often times it's not about doing what no one else can do, it's about doing what anyone can do but just doesn't.

So after watching the video, come back here and read about Scott Baradell's Online PR Agency Assessment Tool. (Scott's another one of my favorite bloggers by the way). It should be an action-packed Thursday. Have a great day!

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