Monday, June 9, 2008

CSI Launches Discussion Group At PR Open Mic

PR Open Mic brings together students, faculty, and PR practitioners in what I've found to be a terrific social networking and educational experience. What better place to engage in a dialogue about client service excellence than in a forum that offers such a global confluence of perspectives. So over the weekend, I started the Client Service Insights group. Here's our reason for being:

Client Service is something we all do, and we all know how to do - or do we? To illustrate the point, running is something we're nearly born doing, but if we want to run faster or longer, we need to learn specific techniques to improve our performance.

To complicate matters, great client service is in the eye of the beholder. Every client has his/her own set of expectations. Delivering a consistent, high level of client service in a global marketplace across hundreds of industries to thousands of clients is no small task, but it's a worthy one.

Client service excellence can mean the difference between keeping a client and losing one; growing the business or allowing it to atrophy; and motivating a prospect to work with you or not. Let's talk about it. Share your insights.

PR Open Mic is directed by Auburn faculty member and PR practitioner Robert French. The membership is up to nearly to 1,200 people from more than 45 countries and 130 universities worldwide. And it's growing quickly. As for the CSI group, we're just a day or two old and while few in number, we're mighty in spirit. I invite you to join! So when you get a minute, check out PR Open Mic for yourself, sign up, make some friends, and join a group - or join a group to make some friends. Either way just dive in, the water's fine!

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  1. Hey, Leo. Thanks for sharing PROpenMic with your readers. And, thanks for starting the group.

    Client Service is an area so many students need to be thinking about, but I wonder how many truly appreciate the context. Having you and others that have been active in client services, especially as it is practiced in agencies, is a truly wonderful opportunity for the students & faculty.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.



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