Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Post Time

Once you've read a number of blogs, decided what you want to write about, and for whom, it's time to just do it. It's post time. Now a personal commitment I made when I started my first blog at Collective Conversation, and one which I've continued here at CSI/Season 2, is to post at least every business day. Do you need to post daily? Of course not, but you should offer new content as often as practical. Give your audience a reason to keep coming back. While some people ask me how I find the time, I tell them I steal it whenever I can. I regard my blog as a labor of love; it's simultaneously relaxing and stimulating.

Many of my close friends kid me about having run out of material a long time ago. I tell them that as long as I continue to read some of the great blogs I enjoy out there, they'll always offer me fresh ideas. That said, rather than provide the typical list of what I believe makes for a successful post, I'll simply say that it's important to find your voice and to offer variety with passion.

Finding your voice takes time, but you'll know it when you find it. I try first and foremost to be myself which I believe delivers a voice of self-deprecating authority, with a dash of humor. Most importantly, I want readers to feel that I put extra effort into every post. Kind of like the athlete who hustles all the time, where even if he/she has a bad night, you can't help but acknowledge the effort. I'd be interested in how others perceive this blog's voice, but for what it's worth, it's how I would describe it.

Finally, when it comes to posts that keep the content fresh for you and your audience, offer as much variety as possible. I've written short posts and long posts (be sure to include links). I've included videos, charts, quirky photos, interviews, polls, contests, you name it. Putting that extra bit of thought into not only what you want to write, but also how you want to express it is the key. I know I appreciate it as a reader.

If you are looking for a fun list of what makes for a great post, I'll direct you to Five Ways To Make Your Blog Post Worth Reading at Life Is Colourful where I borrowed the "How 2.0 Blog" button. More on this subject next week! Don't forget: Friday is Fun Video Day! See you then!

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