Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Client Service and Google (The Conclusion)

In Chris Brogan's post, Google Gets Back To Nick, we learn that the story of the disabled Google account not only has a happy ending for Nick Saber, but also comes to a reasonable conclusion for the rest of us Google users, who otherwise may have been left to wonder if we would be the next one to receive a "Saber Surprise."

Chris points out that there had to be a better way to handle this than to make Nick, and by proxy the rest of us, sweat this out for a day and a half. So could Google have handled it better? Communicated more clearly perhaps? Or were there other considerations that may have compromised the investigation so to speak had Google been more forthcoming earlier?

We may never know, but I can't help think that Chris Brogan played a role in accelerating the process that eventually relieved Nick of his angst. Looks like a little "Saber Rattling" did the trick. Nicely done!

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