Thursday, July 3, 2008

Todd Andrlik for President?

As many of you know, Kami Huyse, Gavin Heaton, Drew McClellan, Darryl Ohrt, and I served as guest bloggers for Todd Andrlik while he was supposedly on "vacation." Little did we know that we were unwitting accomplices to Todd's run for the White House - I'm thinking you'll see an official announcement on July 4th. Have a look for yourselves:

To make your own video or to spoof a friend, please visit news 3 online! Enjoy your holiday!
*Video viewing in this context is not always reliable. (May just take time to load - seems faster on Explorer and Safari than Firefox). I encourage you however to visit the link, create your own video, and amaze your friends!


  1. Um, thanks for bringing my big announcement to my attention. :) I just let my readers know.

  2. You're already sounding like a politican! I guess I have a dilemma now - Obama or Andrlik?



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