Sunday, July 6, 2008

Making "Thank It Forward" Sustainable

So if you remember my post from July 2nd titled: Thank It Forward, then you've passed the first test that you're not still suffering from Todd Andrlik for President shock syndrome. Glad to have you back!

Someone had asked me where David Maister got the idea for his monthly thank you posts. I e-mailed David, who was in Europe at the time, yet he was kind enough to leave a comment on Mullen's relentlessPR blog. Here's what he had to say:

"Thanks for including me in this discussion, Leo. I cannot take any credit for the original idea. It was suggested to me by my online support team at StressLimitDesign. They are very caring, professional people AND thought it was a good online tactic. Which motivation dominated is hard to unbundle!!!!"

David brings up a very interesting point. For acts of generosity or thanks to be truly sustainable, is self-interest on some level a necessary component? What do you think?

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