Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Client Service Success at Bose

In the second installment of Client Service Success at... week, I'd like to talk about Bose. Bose provided me with a shining example of how a small, inexpensive gesture can offer big returns in customer loyalty.

My wife and I each own a set of the QuietComfort Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones; we don't travel anywhere without them. Whether listening to our ipods, watching an inflight movie, or trying to avoid unwanted conversation, they can't be beat. During our vacation, I discovered that one of the removable cords that runs from the headset to the ipod (for example) was missing. We couldn't find it anywhere.

Since I had to travel through the airport in Denver, I remembered that Bose had a station there, where they offer for trial, and presumably sell the headphones. I figured they might carry extra cords that I could buy. When I asked about the cords, the Bose representative quickly located one and gave it to me. I asked, "How much for the cord?" "Nothing, you can have it," she replied.

She might as well have given me a new set of headphones. I had every expectation of paying for the new cord, yet the Bose people knew that the only thing keeping me from enjoying my headphones was this silly cord. I came to realize they would not even think to charge me for it. That's not who they are.

In a world where we often get nickel and dimed for every little item, Bose takes the longer view. I look forward to buying my next Bose product someday soon. And when I do, I'll not only feel great about what I'm buying, but more importantly, who I'm buying it from.


  1. Excellent. I have a pair of Bose headphones and absolutely love them. Well worth the price.

    This is a great thing to hear.



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