Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Client Service Group at PROpenMic Up to 40 Members!

Kelli Matthews was kind enough to introduce me to PROpenMic, and I've truly enjoyed participating ever since. Among the many opportunities to get involved, I started the Client Service Insights group in an effort to offer a forum for practitioners, students, and faculty to engage in a conversation about client service - a conversation that transcends the limits of this blog and offers the opportunity for others to lead the discussion. The group now numbers 40 and is growing strong.

That said, PROpenMic is a robust, global community. If you haven't visited, please do. Join the community, join a group, and join us at CSI!


  1. Leo, I agree it is by far one of the best community sites I have ever been apart of. Mostly because people actually respond. Definitely worth joining for anyone in PR or looking to get in.

  2. Agreed. And let's face it, Robert French's leadership makes all the difference!



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