Sunday, March 30, 2008

Client Typology?

I came across a post on Brian Keith's blog yesterday referencing an article he wrote for SCBJ on March 26th titled: What Type of Client Are You? He outlines four client types including full-service, focused, concierge, and planning and offers helpful illustrations for each.

While I plan to dedicate my post on Tuesday to thanking/linking all those who offered comments, trackbacks, and support with their own blog posts and tweets during my short month of blogging in March, I'll focus on leadership and client service during the remainder of the week.

I think Brian's article offers some terrific insights. As a client, it's helpful to be honest with ourselves and assess what kind of client we are and what we truly want out of our client/agency engagement. For the agency, if you're going to play a leadership role on the business, it may help to know what "type" of client you're working with.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the article, Leo.

    I also made the point that much of the potential friction in agency/client relationships comes from disagreement on what kind of services the clients needs/can afford.

    If you have ideas for future articles you would like to see me write, let me know.

    Brian Keith

  2. Brian, will do. After a client selects an agency, the first 30 days of the relationship are crucial. And too often, neither party initiates the conversations that are so important to bringing clarity to issues such as scope of services and the definition of success.



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