Friday, April 2, 2010

Top Five for Client Service

Ever since I started writing my client service blog, I've always paid attention to where Client Service Insights (CSI) placed when the words client service were typed into a Google web search - not a blog search, but a web search. The first time I ever found it, CSI was listed in the middle of page 26. I can't even believe I was still searching at that point. I guess I just became curious as to how far down it would eventually appear.

Over time, I watched it move up to the number one unpaid listing on page one. This was at a time when I was posting practically every day. Now I post an average of once a week, but remain in the top five on page one - today CSI happens to be listed second. I raise this issue for two reasons: 1) It speaks to how easy one can associate their organization with key brand attributes; and, 2) it's interesting who appears in the top five for client service. Let me review the top five:
  1. - a collection agency
  2. - a blog about client service excellence focused primarily on PR firms and other professional services firms
  3. - an interesting service because it's actually kind of a Better Business Bureau that offers info to firms about potential good and bad clients
  4. - a book said to contain 58 things every advertising and marketing executive should know
  5. - one of the premier management consulting firms in the world
It's a mixed bag for sure. Client service should be known by the company it keeps, and for your firm to be known for client service, it may be time to take ownership of the term (and other terms that best describe your brand). If it's good enough for McKinsey, I'm wondering which PR firm will be the first to crack the top five.

*Image from Olympic SEO Blog

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