Friday, April 16, 2010

Client Service and Follow Friday

Chris Brogan recently offered an excellent suggestion for the Twitter practice called Follow Friday (#FF) - the weekly ritual of recognizing others on Twitter.  It's one that allows us to do a more thorough job of thanking those who provide such great value and insights and introducing these fine people to Twitterers who may not already follow them.   Since Twitter limits us to 140 characters, I have taken Chris' advice and listed many of this week's Follow Friday favorites right here on my blog post.  Since there are so many people to whom I owe so much for their many contributions to me and the Twitter community, it may take me a few weeks to #FF everyone, but here's my first installment:

@chrisbrogan, @edwardboches, @dmullen, @arikhanson, @TDefren, @strategicsense, @JKWLeadership, @angiechaplin, @bnjacobs, @johnhurst, @bcarroll7, @ThePRDoc, @almcfarland, @maggiesthinkin, @PRSSASDSU, @PRSrbija, @BiancaPuopolo, @lpverzosa, @remund, @sherrilynne, @BitaEhsanipour, @rlcandey, @pdncoach, @DannyBrown, @ruthseeley, @Gema_Maria, @KristinLoe, @ccduong, mandyboyle, @msebastian, MarkRaganCEO, @jonathanvolk, @LIW3, @karamlm, @CommAMMO, @prblog, @profgalloway, @PhilReinhardt, JKWinnovation, @vedo, BarbaraNixon, @rdfrench, @ScottMonty, @PhilipTater, @PROpenmic, @chipgriffen, @Will_Lukang, @shonali, @stuartfoster, @BrendanCooper.

A big Follow Friday to the 50 people listed above!  Have a great weekend!

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