Sunday, August 9, 2009

Updated Client Service Blog Directory

Ever since I started my first client service blog, I've tried to keep track of the best of the best blogs that cover client/customer service and associated topics. I learn a great deal from reading them. I hope you will also. Thanks for your suggestions. Keep them coming as I'm always eager to add to the list. For your convenience, here's CSI Season 2's updated list of client service blogs for your education and enjoyment. Feel free to share!

Client Service Blogs

Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices

Better For Everyone

CBA Practice Link

Church of the Customer Blog

Customer Excellence
Customers Are Always
Customers Rock
Flooring The Consumer Blog

Golden Practices

Gruntled Employees

How To Change The World

Howling Point

In Search of Perfect Client Service

Infamy or Praise

Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips

LawMarketing Blog

Leaderhip for Lawyers

Legal Business Development

Legal Ease Blog

Legal Marketing Blog

Legal Sanity

Malcolm Says

Management Craft

Minor Wisdom

More Partner Income

My Shingle

Passion, People and Principles

Rainmaker Best Practices

Real Lawyers Have Blogs

Rob Hyndman

Service Untitled

Software for Better Client Service

The [non]billable Hour

The Adventure of Strategy

The Greatest American Lawyer

What About Paris?

*Image from Gruntled Employees


  1. What a terrific list of resources! Thank you for posting it and including Flooring The Consumer.

  2. Glad you find it useful. Becky Carroll recommended you, among a select few, to add to the list. I look forward to reading your blog!

  3. Michelle St. PierreAugust 11, 2009 at 6:54 AM

    A list of some of my favorite blogs. Many these blogs feeds are already in my Google Reader, and I'm going to add a few more after browsing your list. Thanks for including More Partner Income, even though we didn't have a banner year of posting! I think you'll find more consistency now that we're on a new platform, I'm excited for what lies ahead. Leo, you can also follow us on Twitter @morepartnerinco.



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