Sunday, July 26, 2009

Call For Great Client Service Blogs!

Each year, I update the roster of client service related blogs you'll find in my client service blogroll. To provide the best possible list, I'd like your help. Please share your favorite client service blogs with me so I can offer the most complete, up-to-date roster for those of us who are passionate about client service and truly enjoy learning from one another.

I've gone through the list and eliminated any blog that hasn't posted in 2009 with the exception of Passion, People, and Principles by David Maister. David suspended his blog for awhile, and it's my hope he returns soon. The archived content is both rich and timeless, and I encourage you to visit. If at some point, David tells me he has brought his blogging career to a close, then I'll have to create a new blog roll category - The Client Service Hall of Fame. No one would be more deserving.

So send me your favorites! I also plan to post a question on LinkedIn as well in an effort to compile the best of the best blogs out there. I look forward to posting the updated list sometime next week! Thank you!

*The image comes from Patrick J. Lamb's blog, In Search of Perfect Client Service

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