Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coming Soon: More Insights

By now I've written more than 500 posts about client service and associated topics. I've done so because I believe any firm committed to client service excellence (really committed) will recruit the finest people, attract the best clients, and retain more of both.

During my Masters Program at Seton Hall University, I learned a great deal that I often passed along in my blog posts. I learned from excellent professors, countless scholars, and most of all from fellow students in my learning team. The beauty of learning teams is that team members are not academic competitors, but colleagues. The more we all worked together, the more everyone gained from the experience. Not unlike how all great teams perform, whether it's in the workplace or on the playing field.

As I begin my doctoral work at Pepperdine (Ed.D. in Organizational Leaderhip), I look forward to enjoying a similar learning experience and sharing more insights with you as they are passed along to me. Thanks in advance to my professors, scholars, and learning team members for their generosity. Let the games begin!

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