Monday, March 9, 2009

Better Or Better To Work With?

When it comes to pitching new business, many agencies (large and small) employ the approach, "our agency is better (more qualified) than your agency" as the prevailing means to win a prospect's account. Over the next few posts, I'll cover why employing a more client service-centric mindset to pitching new business will glean better results. And more importantly, how to do so.

By the time you get to the final presentation, you may be one of three agencies vying to win the business. At this stage of the game, assume ALL the agencies are qualified - that's why you're in the finals. The central question isn't really about choosing who's better, it's about choosing which agency will be better to work with. By being attuned to the dynamics of the relationship versus just your qualifications and ideas, you will improve your new business batting average.

In this economy, fewer opportunities to pitch means you have to win more often. I look forward to our conversation about doing just that!


  1. My pitch would be about how my agency will listen and understand their needs and work closely with the them (client) in developing solutions that is both effective and cost efficient.

    I'll make sure that the focus will be about the client.


    Will Lukang

  2. Will, I couldn't agree more. For whatever reason, many agencies who are pitching prospects are still trying to make the case that they're worth listening to. This is among the reasons I believe they miss the mark! Great seeing you at final residency by the way. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Leo, this is such an excellent point. Chemistry means so much in an agency-client relationship! Whether in a crisis situation or smooth sailing, it makes sense to choose partners who are great to work with. We spend so much more time working than doing any other waking pursuit - why not opt to work with folks we actually like and feel good about.



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