Wednesday, October 1, 2008

From Client Service To Public Service

With only 34 days until the presidential election, it would seem that relevance trumps otherwise timeless conversation on the topic of client service. Since I've worked in dozens of campaigns, including two presidentials, my passion for public service and politics will move to the forefront - at least until the November election.

As I write this post, the Dow is down slightly after a record loss on Monday and a bit of a rebound yesterday, based largely on the hopes that despite the House vote against the bailout plan, there will be a deal in place by week's end. Let's see how the Senate steps up today and how the market responds.

This economic crisis has offered a rare blend of electoral politics and high stakes governance. There's nothing quite like watching the conflict between self preservation and doing what's truly best for the country. What's more, poor communication has been center stage as the public rages against a bailout plan that was horribly presented and so poorly explained to the American people.

Voters typically don't support bills (especially the $700 billion variety) when they don't understand the issue. Of course, since Capitol Hill doesn't trust the White House, voters don't trust Washington, and members of Congress (of which all 435 are up for re-election) need voters' support to get re-elected, therein explains the results of the House vote and the market's response.

It should be a fascinating week!

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