Friday, August 1, 2008

"Relentless Thanks" To Continue

I'd like to think there's some real synergy between Mullen's team blog relentlessPR and CSI/Season 2. That being the case, there's no reason not to continue to reward those who contribute to the conversation with two links rather than one. So the monthly tradition continues! Contribute to the conversation either here or at relentlessPR and get a double-link thank you!

So a relentless thanks to:

Todd Andrlik, Gavin Heaton, Gerry Riskin, Tom Kane, Becky Carroll, Karen Miller Russell, Doug Simon, Martin Lynch, Leanne Heller, Jonathan Yarmis, Ampatzis Panagiotis, Joseph Wilburn, John Koetsier, Ruth Seeley, Luke, Katie Paine, David Alston, David Maister, Laurie Wilhelm, Rodger Johnson, Geoff Livingston, David Mullen, Chris Brogan, Jose Teixiera, Jeff Davis, Scott Baradell, Sherrilynne Starkie, Lara Kretler, Lynn Crymble, Heather Yaxley, Tyler Hurst, Kristen Smith, Terry Morawski, Phil Gomes, Robert French, Josh Morgan, Barbara B. Nixon, Todd Defren, Paul Ritchie, Timothy Parcell, Boyd Neil, Claire Celsi, and Ed Lee.

Earlier in the month, CSI/Season 2 held a subscription drive. So if you didn't sign-up then, please do. You may elect to receive it by e-mail or use your favorite RSS reader.

A blog is only as strong as the conversation it inspires. Thanks for your support! On to August!


  1. Leo,

    Thanking your commenters at the end/beginning of each month is a fantastic idea. I'll be sure to share this tip with my PR students at Georgia Southern University.


  2. Barbara, you're thanking it forward! That's exactly what I hope everyone does. This specific topic was among my firsts posts during the month of July. Please pass along!



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