Monday, August 18, 2008

Once You Start Writing, You Need To Read Even More!

Yes, it's true. Once you start writing your blog, others who write blogs will find you and you will in turn visit their blogs, read what they have to say and contribute further to the conversation. That's how it works. It's how you grow and how the conversation grows. It's how you build relationships and why it's imperative for PR professionals to join the conversation. We ARE IN the relationship business!

Here's a list of client service blogs along with many of my other favorites. I hope you add them to your favorites. Pardon me if you know I read your blog and for some reason you are not on this list - please just send me a comment/link, and I'll add you immediately!

Client Service Blogs Other Great Blogs I Read


  1. Hey Leo - thanks for the shout!!

  2. Same here - thanks for the mention.

  3. Hey Leo,

    That's quite an impressive list. Thank you for including The Marketing Minute along those great bloggers.

    I think you hit the nail on the head. A good blogger not only writes about topics of interest but they go out and find other conversations to engage in.

    They add value first, knowing that the value will be returned.



  4. Hi Leo,

    This is a great list. I would like to add that it is an evolving process when you write something and other takes it further. This is one of the reason that the entire internet became an extraordinary mean of communication and information. This collaborative effort has made now social media a strong and serious mean to connect with your friends, customer, partners, government and so on. This evolution of the social media has and would be a pretty serious affair, and would surly find in the strategy documents of the organizations accross the globe.

    Take Care.



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