Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Relentless Thanks Again

For the second consecutive month, I thought I'd provide a "double thanks" to those who contribute to the conversation at CSI/Season 2, by including you in our Relentless Thanks for June post over at our new team blog at Mullen called relentlessPR. (If you haven't visited relentlessPR yet, please do!)

So a relentless thanks to:

Todd Andrlik, Gavin Heaton, Drew McClellan, Darryl Ohrt, Kami Huyse, Martin Lynch, Geoff Livingston, David Mullen, Chris Brogan, Scott Baradell, Sherrilynne Starkie, Lara Kretler, Susan Iskiwitch, Angie Chaplin, Walter Stevenson, Tyler Hurst, Kristen Smith, Terry Morawski, Phil Gomes, Robert French, Ruth Seeley, Sharon Bond, Josh Morgan, Barbara B. Nixon, Todd Defren, Paul Ritchie, Timothy Parcell, and Joyce Lofstrom.

So if you enjoy this blog, invite your friends, visit when you can, and keep your insights coming. Without you, there is no conversation. And if you have ideas for future topics, please send them along!

If I've missed anyone or you'd like a link added, changed or corrected, please don't hesitate to let me know! On to July!

1 comment:

  1. You are relentlessly welcome.



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